Mystery Shopping Projects


Mystery Shopping Projects are an objective performance management tool, given from the customer's point of view for those institutions that need to maintain the same service quality in all units while at the same time wish to learn the service quality of competitors.

It is an efficient and reliable data collection tool that reflects the 'candid impressions of an ordinary customer who walks in'. Those companies who receive periodic mystery shopping data get insight into the weakness, if any, of their current services; determine the service quality of their competitors; improve competitive power with the measures taken; while their staff develop an attitude in their staff in line with the company norms; increase staff motivation through the development of incentive programs, and, thus, increase customer satisfaction and sales in general.

Trio is one of the few companies in Turkey specialized in Mystery Shopping Projects having a wide pool of mystery shoppers in different profiles ranging from luxury to fastfood stores, from bank branches to auto dealerships depending on the outlet's target profile.

Mystery Shopping Projects may be designed according to:

• Service quality assessment
• Product penetration/ visibility assessment
• Integrity shopping
• Campaign auditing
• Sales incentive programs

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