Face to Face Marketing Communication


Even if the mediums of marketing communication increase in variety and the importance of the internet continues to grow, face to face communication will keep its position within the marketing communications activities.

The most persuasive approach to influence the present-day consumer who would not be enticed only by what is told in the advertisements but who also wishes to touch, taste, smell and try out when making a purchasing decision, is a promotion mechanism based on a face to face interaction that allows demonstrating, sampling, tasting, trying and inducing usage.

To date, Trio has been in contact with millions of consumers in its implementations to date, acquainting them with new products, letting them sample, offering reduction coupons, and providing them with informative brochures.

All around Turkey,

working women, new mothers, students, sports buffs, the health-conscious, the entertainment-oriented, sales personnel, taxi drivers, etc. have been contacted in their homes, at workplaces, schools, universities, entertainment spots, fitness centers, beaches, on the street, in nightclubs, supermarkets, shopping centers and movie theaters and marketing campaigns have been executed.

The most appropriate method has been used to reach the target group,

following a particular route with specially designed vehicles, going from street to street, knocking on doors, renting space from municipalities to set up stands, or getting appointments from companies, public sector enterprises, associations, clubs, and mailing lists...

Trio is a well-experienced, reliable, and professional work partner for the following services:

• Product samplings
• Product / service demonstrations
• Campaigns to increase awareness
• Sales promotion campaigns
• POP placement, merchandising
• Roadshows


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Face to Face Marketing Communication
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