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Trio is an independent service company that has distinguished itself in market research and face to face marketing communication since 1991.Known by its reliable, meticulous, professional and ethical approach, Trio designs and implements down-to earth projects after solid modeling and effective management.


Even if the mediums of marketing communication increase in variety and the importance of the internet continues to grow, face to face communication will keep its position within the marketing communications activities.The most persuasive approach to influence the present-day consumer who would not be enticed only by what is told in the advertisements but who also wishes to touch, taste, smell and try out when making a purchasing decision, is a promotion mechanism based on a face to face interaction that allows demonstrating, sampling, tasting, trying and inducing usage.

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Mystery Shopping Projects are an objective performance management tool, given from the customer’s point of view for those institutions that need to maintain the same service quality in all units while at the same time wish to learn the service quality of competitors.


We, as Ad-Wear , present those brands that wish to enter the university campuses with an alterative medium that is young, active, fun, and, above all, a sincere way to communicate between students. We not only get advertisements on our clothes, but also provide a complete face to face communication service for your brand within the campus. Your clients happen to be our friends. We have a good knowledge of your clients, we mean ourselves.

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